Who Are We?

Ankara Gölbaşı in 1997, which was established to andesite stone processing and application, since its establishment by giving priority to the basic principles and policies have made every one of the many businesses that make up our references.

Andesite stone can be made with the material we use is the Gölbaşı “the best design, fine craftsmanship and the most cost-effective application” within the whole, full name, created a trust and competence.

The type and format of nearly 40, andesite stone, and in every form accessible by the user in the style applied, apply. Stone quarries and stone processing plants and with competent staff Andesite stone utterly beautiful, natural, durable world and you would like to introduce as Surtaş Mining and Construction Company Limited.

For further information and possible cooperation with our company’s top executives, administrators, engineers, skilled workers and the entire staff will be happy to serve you.

Our Services

Andesite, marble, basalt and granite as blocks or ready for use or application made ​​by us are available. At every stage of a process extending from the key delivery of the initial project, adopting the principle of a quality exceeding its own standards, especially in large-scale housing projects, public housing projects, outsourcing, contracting jobs considerable knowledge about the service we offer.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Which is a leader in the market, we are often a factor in a company that leads the market. Natural stone is the most advanced technologies in the world that we’re working with a further factor. But as well as one of the most important factors that make us different, customer-oriented perspective: today, we provide products and services our customers can meet today’s needs in the future, but existing products and systems to meet customer expectations to ensure the highest level of need. Customer focus and satisfaction to keep the way we look at the highest levels to ensure that employees are our most important resource.

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